Jiva grows 5X month on month

April 1, 2021

Jiva grows 5X month on month

Jiva has successfully partnered with thousands of farmers across Indonesia to purchase over 5 MILLION kilograms of corn.

At Jiva, we strive first and foremost to empower farmers and uplift their lives. Through our honest scales, accurate quality assessments, payment at the point of sale, and digital price comparison and breakdown tool, we ensure that selling to Jiva is a fair, stress-free, and efficient process. The tens of thousands of farmers who have trusted Jiva with their crops thus far only inspire us to improve for the next ten thousand…and the millions after that!

Jiva doesn’t just purchase crops. To best support the needs of our farmers, we offer four critical services to assist each farmer in all aspects of their trade, from pre-sow to post-harvest. The four services are:

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