525 million smallholder farmers grow 70% of the world’s food, yet they’re among the poorest people on earth.
We're changing that.

A farming family that has signed up for Jiva.
A Jiva employee wearing out in the field.

Creating a better tomorrow, today.

Jiva empowers smallholder farmers to adopt better practices, adapt to new conditions and grow their incomes.

What we do

At Jiva, we’re focused on solving  four critical challenges that farmers around the world face every day.


Jiva provides no-cost advances for agricultural inputs. This allows farmers to buy better supplies they can repay at harvest. Buy now, pay later.


With Jiva, farmers can purchase high-quality supplies through the e-commerce store on our app. We deliver these supplies to them, no extra charge.


Our personalised, AI-powered advice engine delivers relevant, feasible advice to farmers — helping them produce better-quality crops and increased yield.


Jiva allows farmers to sell their crops with ease. Arrange pickup, cross-check prices, see cost breakdowns; all in one app.

What sets us apart

Technology with a deep rooted human centered purpose.

Community Engagement

We don’t seek to replace rural entrepreneurs across the supply chain — we partner with them. They bridge technology gaps and build trust with farmers. With their expertise, we’re able to evolve and tailor our services.

Human-Technology Hybrid

Operating a hybrid model, we preserve key face-to-face interactions while replacing inefficient and unfair processes with new technologies. This model accelerates adoption, increases feedback, and builds trust.

Personalisation at Scale

We leverage technologies like climate data, remote sensing, and computer vision to design and deliver personalised advice to every farmer on our platform. Relevant to their needs, right when they need it.

Closed-Loop Model

We extend advances to farmers; they repay with their harvests. This way, we can
'see the whole picture' and reduce risks. More farmers to serve. More values to pass on.

Our Blog

UT Day: Getting to Know Our Rural Users through Remote Testing

UT Day: Getting to Know Our Rural Users through Remote Testing

Users should always be at the center of your design process. When users live in rural areas, getting to know them comes with its own challenges: logistical hurdles, time restrictions, resource limitations, and the list goes on. But this doesn’t mean you get a pass to neglect the process of learning their problems and needs. How do we do this at Jiva?

Ramadan bonding: How this holy month brings us closer to the farming community

Ramadan bonding: How this holy month brings us closer to the farming community

This Ramadan, Jiva is taking the chance to bond with the rural communities by embracing Ramadan traditions, making connection with the farming communities through a series of events that we ran across six regions in Indonesia.

How Can Agri-tech Help Farmers?

How Can Agri-tech Help Farmers?

In the face of a growing population and food shortages caused by climate change, we need to produce more food and find ways to grow and distribute it more efficiently. With the growing demand for food products worldwide, Agri-tech startups are making it possible for farmers to increase their yields while maintaining healthy plants in less time and for less cost. In this post, we explore the benefits of some of the major agricultural technologies and modern farming techniques to help you put things into perspective.

What our farmers have to say

“Production was not optimal. Then Jiva came to us and we got a tremendous advantage”
Soado, farmer from Bantaeng, South Sulawesi
“I’m very excited to follow Jiva’s advice, which are different from my usual practices. I feel that Jiva is looking out for us, and bringing new life to farmers”
A Jiva farmer from Bantaeng, Indonesia.
Farmer from Jeneponto
“I am definitely doing better at this point in the crop cycle compared to the previous season. I am using better quality seeds and have learnt proper fertilisation techniques”
A Jiva farmer from Banaeng, Indonesia.
Farmer from Bantaeng