525 million smallholder farmers grow 70% of the world’s food, yet they’re among the poorest people on earth.
We're changing that.

A farming family that has signed up for Jiva.
A Jiva employee wearing out in the field.

Creating a better tomorrow, today.

Jiva empowers smallholder farmers to adopt better practices, adapt to new conditions and grow their incomes.

What we do

At Jiva, we’re focused on solving  four critical challenges that farmers around the world face every day.


Jiva provides no cost advances for agricultural inputs through our mobile app. The advances allow farmers to buy better supplies and are repaid at harvest like buy now, pay later.


Jiva farmers can purchase high-quality supplies through the e-commerce store on our app. Jiva delivers these supplies at no extra charge.


Our personalised, AI-powered advice engine delivers relevant, feasible advice to farmers right when they need it.


Jiva farmers arrange pickup of their harvest through the app. With Jiva, farmers can also cross-check prices and see cost breakdowns.

What sets us apart

Technology with a deep rooted human centered purpose.

Community Engagement, Not Replacement

Jiva partners with rural entrepreneurs across the supply chain, we don't replace them. These actors bridge technology gaps and build trust with farmers, and their expertise helps us to evolve and tailor our solutions.

Human-Technology Hybrid

Jiva operates a hybrid model that preserves key face-to-face interactions while uplifting inefficient and unfair processes with new technologies. This model accelerates adoption, increases feedback and builds trust.

Personalisation at Scale

Jiva leverages climate data, remote sensing, computer vision and other technologies to design and deliver personalised and relevant advice to each and every farmer on our platform, right when they need it.

Closed-Loop Model

Jiva extends advances to farmers, who then repay via their harvests. This allows Jiva to "see the whole picture", which reduces risk, and enables us to service more farmers and pass on more value.

Our Blog

Role of Weather Forecasting in Farming

Role of Weather Forecasting in Farming

The importance of weather forecasting in farming must be considered as the world continues to deal with global warming, climate change and its devastating effect on global food production.

Top 13 Innovations in Agriculture/Farming in 2023

Top 13 Innovations in Agriculture/Farming in 2023

Feeding the rapidly increasing global population amid the climate crisis requires the speed and accuracy that technology provides.

Everything you need to know about Agritech

Everything you need to know about Agritech

Agricultural technology, or agri-tech for short, began with the industrial revolution, where machines were used to increase crop production and animal yield. Over the years, it has remained one of the greatest advancements in human history as an excellent development to cushion the teeming global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Agricultural technology involves the direct application of machines, Artificial Intelligence, and all other forms of technology to agriculture and its allied fields for higher sustainability.

What our farmers have to say

“Production was not optimal. Then Jiva came to us and we got a tremendous advantage”
Soado, farmer from Bantaeng, South Sulawesi
“I’m very excited to follow Jiva’s nudges, which are different from my usual practices. I feel that Jiva is looking out for us and bringing new life to farmers”
A Jiva farmer from Bantaeng, Indonesia.
Farmer from Jeneponto
“I am definitely doing better at this point in the crop cycle compared to the previous season. I am using better quality seeds and have learnt proper fertilisation techniques”
A Jiva farmer from Banaeng, Indonesia.
Farmer from Bantaeng