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AgriCentral focuses on delivering useful and intuitive features to the millions of farmers who have already downloaded the app, including price comparison and tracking tools, accurate weather and weather forecasting, and agriculture-focused forum where farmers can discuss issues and get expert help, and much more. AgriCentral harnesses state of the art technologies such as global positioning, satellite imagery, big data analytics, machine learning, and image analytics to usher farmers into the era of digital farming.

AgriCentral has thus far exhibited impressive growth in the Indian market and continues to deliver value to its users. We look forward to close collaboration with AgriCentral in the months and years to come!

Check out AgriCentral’s features:

Market View

Market View: Over 5,000 price-points, the largest in the market, to provide farmers with daily price information for a variety of crops, right on their phones.

Crop Care

Crop Care: A combination of image identification and symptom based diagnosis to help farmers understand which pests, diseases or deficiencies are present among their crops.


Bulletin: Bulletin is a one-stop shop for all agricultural and agri-business related news. Farmers can stay updated with local, national and global developments, as well as the latest government schemes.

Farm Voice

Farm Voice: A question-and-answer, forum-style platform that allows farmers to interact with both their peers from across the country and Agri experts for resolution of agronomical queries.

Crop Plan

Crop Plan: With just a sow date and crop type, CropPlan gives farmers a personalised calendar of activities to be done to get a better yield at a lower cost.

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast: Accurate daily weather forecast with hourly breakdown and intuitive display of relevant agricultural data, such as rainfall and humidity. The feature includes a 15-day forecast to aid farmers in planning and execution of critical farm activities.


AgriSense: AgriSense allows farmers to seamlessly search for specific products and quantities and create orders. Farmers can then review offers and connect with sellers to close the deal.

Learn more about AgriCentral by visiting their website or LinkedIn

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