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To remain competitive, businesses will need to innovate and collaborate on a global scale. To support our businesses, I will invest in three key platforms.

a. The first platform is the Corporate Venture Launchpad, which will be piloted this year to drive new innovative ventures. This Launchpad will provide co-funding for corporates to build new ventures through pre-qualified venture studios. This is especially useful for larger businesses which want to rekindle a startup mindset within their organisations.

b. One such venture studio which I visited recently is BCG Digital Ventures. They collaborated with Olam, a Singapore food and agricultural multinational to build Jiva, a farmer services platform. This platform will help farmers in developing countries to increase crop yield, access credit, and connect directly to buyers. This venture helps meet the rising global food demand, while uplifting the income of farmers.

You can read the full address here.

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