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AgriCentral is a Jiva entity that offers a variety of advisory services for a variety of crops through their application, including:

  • CropCare: A combination of image identification and symptom based diagnosis to help farmers understand which pests, diseases or deficiencies are present among their crops.
  • Market View: Over 5,000 price-points, the largest in the market, to provide farmers with daily price information for a variety of crops, right on their phones.
  • CropPlan: With just a sow date and crop type, CropPlan gives farmers a personalised calendar of activities to be done to get better yield at lower cost.
  • FarmVoice: A question-and-answer, forum-style platform that allows farmers to interact with both their peers from across the country and Agri experts for resolution of agronomical queries.

The AgriCentral team created a video in honor of the milestone. Check it out here.

We are incredibly proud of AgriCentral’s success to date and look forward to all that is to come!

For more information on AgriCentral, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn

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