Get to know Jiva from the people behind it. Listen to our podcast.

October 25, 2023

Get to know Jiva from the people behind it. Listen to our podcast.

In case you haven’t heard, we have a podcast. It’s called The Crop Chronicles and so far we’ve published 4 episodes.

If you've listened to at least one of them, chances are you've learned more about Jiva: what we do, our origins, how we evolved, candid stories we got from the field, and, of course, the remarkable people behind our mission.

If you haven’t at all, that’s okay! There’s no day like today to start listening to our stories. We’d love for you to learn about our dreams and our humble start that has led us to what we’ve become today so that you can support our cause and be a part of the change we are trying to make.

The guest speakers of this podcast are Jiva’s very own people. They are seasoned industry experts whose combined experience makes Jiva an unparalleled powerhouse in the emerging agtech scene.

And they are here to share their stories, wisdom, and industry excellence that fuel the rocket ship we are taking to our destination: a more equal world where no one goes hungry; and the people who grow our food live prosperously.

Ready to dive in but unsure of where to start? Here is the episode breakdown.

Episode 01: Is research worth the pain and why should everyone care?

In this pilot episode, we talk to our Design team leaders, Nav Pawera (Head of Design) and Saloni Bhandari (Design Research Manager) discussing:

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Episode 02: Finance jobs are trending down?

The second episode invites our Chief Finance Officer, Ashish Agarwal, to talk about the impact of AI on finance jobs. Should we really be scared?

He shares his brilliant thoughts on:

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Episode 03: Building digital products for traditionally physical users - how to get it right?

Our Chief Product Officer, Arnav Pandey, joins our third episode to share the journey how Jiva comes to find harmony in thinking about tech and our rural users whose job is naturally physical in building our services.

Discover more in this episode:

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Episode 04: What’s phygital?

In the latest episode, we invite our Chief Executive Officer, Ramanarayanan Mahadevan, to dissect Jiva’s distinct “phygital” way of work that helps us approach the challenges of solving problems for smallholder farmers.

Ram talks about:

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Click play. Listen and discover more about us directly from the people who make what we do work.

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